Bourbon may be produced anywhere in the United States where it is legal to distill spirits, but most brands are produced in Kentucky, where bourbon production has a strong historical association.
Bourbon is America’s most native whiskey.
Norms dictate that it contains 51% corn and the new spirit must be distilled below 80% ABV. Maturation has to be for a minimum of two years in a new American white oak barrel.
American white oak has a distinctive high level of natural oil called “Vanillin” giving Bourbon its characteristic woody vanilla flavour. The law also prevents distilleries from the use of any colorings or flavour additions. There are today seven Bourbon distilleries producing a gamut of brands using their distinctive formulas.

Tennessee is home to major Bourbon producers and is often confused with Bourbon due to negligible differences between the two.
The difference is two-fold.
One, Tennessee is produced in the state of Tennessee.
Two, the new-make spirit is filtered through charcoal once distilled, a process known as “Lincoln County Process”.
The two well known distilleries which fall under this category are Jack Daniels & George Dickel.

This is American history in a bottle. This was the first whiskey that the new settlers to America distilled, as corn was easy to grow and possibly also since it was cheaper than any other ingredients. Regulations dictate 80% corn in their mash bill, aged in un-charred previously used oak barrels. Maturation is for extremely short duration such as six months.

These whiskies are 51% rye. Mostly used in the production of blends, their ABV and maturation standards are similar to Bourbon & Tennessee.

It should contain 51% of wheat in the mash mix, wheat whiskey is rarely released on its own as most gets into blends. The maturation is similar to Bourbon/ Tennessee & Rye.
Delicate & soft on the palate is how Wheat Whiskey can be aptly described.

In quite a contrast to the Scottish and Irish whiskies, blended whisky uses a very minor percentage of the matured whiskey in the blend. 20% of the blend is matured spirit and 80% is neutral spirit.

This is straight from the barrel. Unaged whiskey, also called white/ white dog whiskey, this is bottled directly after distillation after adding water to reduce its alcoholic strength. These whiskies are usually launched to flaunt a distillery’s craft prowess in its rawest form, i.e. without maturation.