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The Japanese have been making whisky since 1924. The early years of Japanese whisky were dominated by two men: Masataka Taketsuru and Shinjiro Torii.  Eighty years later, the companies founded by Torii and Taketsuru – Suntory and Nikka respectively – still dominate the Japanese whisky industry. The industry is modelled on Scotland’s whisky making style. With 8 powerful distilleries, Japan pioneers the art of whisky making and certain Japanese single malts are regarded as some of the best single malts in the world. The underlying strength of Japanese Whiskies is always harmony and balance. Japanese enjoy drinking whisky with meals; sometimes on the rocks with a perfectly carved ice ball, sometimes with water, sometimes in a highball glass with soda and sometimes as a cocktail. Japanese whiskeys are the fine-wine-drinker’s take on whiskey.