The greatest debate that exists is the origin of mankind. The origin of whisky, however, comes a close second. While there are many contenders for the formal title of this alchemy’s origin, Scotland is truly the spirit’s most sacred home. What was once a cottage industry, is today a burgeoning commerce with a sizeable contribution to the nation’s GDP. Scottish history is irrevocably intertwined with whisky.

There are some nifty points to keep in mind. The Scotch Whisky Regulation of 2009 defines five protected localities of Scotland: The Highlands, Speyside, The Lowlands, Islay and Campbeltown. Each region has a specific soil, climate, terrain unique to itself, lending a certain character to the resultant whisky. However, all whiskies from the same region may not be alike and even the many whiskies from the same distilleries can be very diverse from one another, depending upon the skill, interventions in the process by the Master Blender.

In Scotland, Littlemill is the oldest distillery, opened in 1772. However, the oldest working distillery is Glenturret, opened in 1775.