One chilly Winter evening, two friends, who had known each other for over twenty years, met over a fine dram of whisky. One of them who is synonymous with Whisky, Sandeep Arora and the other who was introduced to the water of life that evening, Shreyas Morakhia. The meeting, initially only for a polite drink, turned into a conversation lasting over five hours. As the wood logs in the fire place turned to embers, The Amber Nectar was born…. and was introduced to the world as Cask Spirit Marketing (CSM).

CSM brings together the ingenious of Shreyas Morakhia, creator of ShareKhan, the iconic financial products & services online portal and the global domain expertise, of the Ambassador of Whisky, Sandeep Arora, who runs Spiritual Luxury Living, India’s finest & foremost Whisky & Luxury Experiences company.

CSM is a first of its kind in Asia, wherein it positions itself as an Integrated Spirits Marketing & Distribution Company. On one hand, it manages Importation, Logistics, Infrastructure and Complete Distribution across Asia, with in-country Partners and on the other hand it controls the entire Revenue, by initiating Sales & Business Development, Brands & Marketing, by creating an effective Experience platform. CSM is addressing the Key Asian markets, in its First Year of inception itself.

CSM addresses the need & absence, of an Integrated Marketing infrastructure, for Boutique Global Brands, in “Emerging Asia”. The CSM offer is best suited to Boutique & Premium Brands, who are keen to “Access Asia” and need Expertise & Experienced Partners. CSM offers the “ROUTE TO ASIA”.

CSM is an astute & marketing driven business, which benefits from the Collaborative Spirit of two underlying factors – An insightful Financial Expertise & a long serving understanding & Experience of Spirits. The Standard & the Spirit is ready to embark on its journey as the newest Spirit company in the world.

CSM has the Ability of the Largest Player in Asia and the Agility of the smallest, thus ensuring a marketing driven revenue platform.

CSM is based out of India, Singapore & Dubai.